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Jeff Spiegel has been a staff contributor for DodgersNation.com since 2012. Jeff grew up in Oak Park, California before attending the University of Oregon. Follow Jeff on Twitter at @jeffspiegel.

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J.P. Hoornstra Explains Finding ’50 Greatest Dodgers Games of All Time’

PAGES: 1 | 2 I often wonder what it is about sports that draws us into an unhealthy obsession unlike (most) any other area of our life. It's the type of thing I think about in the midst of a depressing Dodger losing streak or a miraculous comeback — and in talking to J.P. Hoornstra about his new book, "The 50 Greatest Dodgers Games of All Time", I was quickly reminded. While the book lacks an abundance of r ...

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Mike Bolsinger And Other Reasons For Optimism In Dodgers’ Bullpen

PAGES: 1 | 2 The Los Angeles Dodgers just suffered a four-game losing streak, Jim Johnson gave up plenty of runs, and the Joc Pederson/Yasiel Puig duo has largely continued to slump, but I've got a message for Dodger fans: relaaaaaxxxxxxx. Yes, none of those aforementioned issues are positives, and yet the Dodgers are still 2.5 games up on the equally-dreadful-lately San Francisco Giants. Plus, there's stil ...

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Making Sense Of The Dodgers Reported Three-Team Trade

PAGES: 1 | 2 Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert! With the Dodgers' divisional lead shrinking by the day, you knew the Dodgers weren't going to stay quiet for long — the question wasn't if the team would add pitching, but which pitching it would be. Many speculated about Cole Hamels and David Price, but, at least for now, the team opted for a stunning three-way deal involving the Marlins and the Braves. Earl ...

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‘The Best Team Money Can Buy’ Pulls Back Curtain On Dodgers Clubhouse

PAGES: 1 | 2 To fans, most athletes are like superheroes. In a sense, we like our favorite players so much in part because we don’t know a whole lot about them -- to a degree, they’re not human. Human beings are complex and nuanced, while athletes -- as far as a fan knows them —- are simplified. We can pretend they have no weaknesses or flaws, and it makes idolizing them even easier. In reality, this is why ...

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Dodgers Dilemma: Which Two Players Have All-Star Snub Cases?

No day in baseball season makes more people mad than when the All-Star Game selections are announced, and, well, count me among the annoyed this year. As some have pointed out, there are snubs every season and blah, blah, blah — those snubs typically aren't reigning MVPs, guys who have three Cy Young awards in four seasons or guys who are widely regarded as the best pitcher in baseball. In short, those snub ...

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Dodgers Dilemma: Improving In 2015 Shouldn’t Hurt The Future

With the month of July and the countdown to the trade deadline (July 31) nearly upon us, we're sure to hear the rumor mill around the Los Angeles Dodgers swirl as ferociously as ever. With that said, however, it needs to be remembered that this team is built for both the present and the future. Do the Dodgers want to win the 2015 World Series? Of course. Are they going to mortgage the future to get there? N ...

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Examining If The Dodgers’ Pitching Staff Can Sustain Its Success

PAGES: 1 | 2 Entering the 2015 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers' pitching staff appeared to be an anchor for what many believed would be a World Series contender. Two injured starters later, the Dodgers still (somehow) look like one of the best teams in the league, but the question is, is the pitching staff as-is really sustainable? Atop the rotation, the answer is an obvious yes. While Clayton Kershaw "stru ...

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Breaking Down Trading Juan Uribe And Chris Withrow For Spare Parts

PAGES: 1 | 2 Juan Uribe for Alberto Callaspo is a really bad trade. Uribe is better defensively, he's better offensively and he's definitely better for the clubhouse. Thank goodness the Los Angeles Dodgers didn't trade Uribe for Callaspo, then. While many are reporting the trade as if that's the summary, the reality is that the Dodgers traded Uribe for some financial relief and a pair of relievers while tak ...

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Madison Bumgarner Better Than Clayton Kershaw?… Proving It’s Untrue

PAGES: 1 | 2 Clayton Kershaw isn't pitching as well as we're used to, I get it. The traditional metrics (and we'll get to the non-traditional ones shortly) say that Kershaw is on pace to have the worst ERA of his career and worst WHIP since 2009. But, my friends, the hate has gone wayyyyyyyyy too far. Friday afternoon I was sitting in a restaurant when ESPN's Pardon the Interruption came on — a show I enjoy ...

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Los Angeles Dodgers Draft Review: Looking Back On Picks From 2010

PAGES: 1 | 2 With all the NFL Draft talk and grades and evaluations going on last month, I figured it might be fun to look back on the Los Angeles Dodgers' draft history. In doing some research, it seems most players wait — on average — about five years before making their Major-League debuts. This was based on an old Baseball Prospectus piece that mentioned the average number of at-bats a hitter gets in th ...

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The Dodgers’ No. 3 Outfielder Isn’t Who You Think It Is

PAGES: 1 | 2 The Los Angeles Dodgers have an outfield problem, but as I say that, I'd bet we're thinking of different "problem-creators". When you ask folks around the league about the logjam in the outfield, everyone will quickly jump into a debate about Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier. You'll hear how Ethier can't hit left-handed pitching, how Crawford is more consistent but probably less spectacular and y ...

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Pedro Baez, Yimi Garcia Provide Reason For Optimism In Dodgers Bullpen

PAGES: 1 | 2 I'll be the first to admit I've overreacted about the Los Angeles Dodgers bullpen thus far. It was the fourth game of the season, and the Dodgers had just lost a 4-3 heartbreaker in Arizona thanks in large part to J.P. Howell's inability to find the strike zone. It was brutal. Here was Howell, the person who I believed to be the only reliable reliever the Dodgers had at the start of the season, ...

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Dodgers 2015 Season: Opening Day Can Be Considered A Success

To be a fly on the wall as Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi watched everything unfold at Dodger Stadium on Monday afternoon... Yes, it's one game. Yes, this team is built for an entire season and not just one game. And yet, it couldn't really have gone any better, could it? Clayton Kershaw struggled, and the Los Angeles Dodgers still won. Matt Kemp looked good, but the Dodgers looked better. Oh, and then th ...

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What Does The Hector Olivera Signing Mean For The Dodgers?

If there has been one word to sum up the Dodgers offseason thus far, I think the one I would choose is depth. With big names like Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez headed out of town, the front office's goal has seemingly been to strengthen the team's 40-man roster from the bottom up. As I've said before, the goal is to avoid being in a place where you have to trade actual players for Kevin Correia and Roberto H ...

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