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Jeff Spiegel has been a staff contributor for DodgersNation.com since 2012. Jeff grew up in Oak Park, California before attending the University of Oregon. After graduating, he became a full-time news and sports reporter in Portland, Oregon before beginning work at a church. Follow Jeff on Twitter at @jeffspiegel.

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Fantasy Corner: Building For The Playoffs Early In The Season

If you follow me on Twitter at all, you noticed this week I made an odd recommendation: take a look at Trevor Bauer. Wait, isn't he in AAA still? Yep. Then why am I wasting a roster spot on him with no guarantee he's getting called up in the immediate future? The playoffs. Here's the thing about fantasy baseball that most people never really think about: there's a difference between having the best team now ...

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Dodger Thoughts: Is Jansen’s Reign As Closer Coming To An End?

In the first half of 2013, the Dodgers learned the importance of a great bullpen. Stocked with a motley crew of cast-offs and rookies, the bullpen was dreadful — costing a struggling Dodgers team multiple games. Eventually, however, the Dodgers cut loose some dead weight (Matt Gurrier), relegated scrubs to lesser roles (Brandon League), relied more on young studs (Chris Withrow and Paco Rodriguez) and naile ...

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Dodgers News: Kershaw Throws Another Encouraging Bullpen Session

After five straight seasons with at least 31 starts, Dodger fans are still getting accustomed to life with Clayton Kershaw on the disabled list. As Kershaw continues to progress, however, it may not be long before No. 22 is back on the mound for LA. This morning, David Vassegh, the co-host of Dodger Talk, tweeted that Kershaw continued his recovery with another bullpen session: Kershaw threw a 26 pitch bull ...

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Dodgers Dilemma: Could Second Base Become Another Overcrowded Spot?

Heading into the 2014 season, no position on the roster was more uncertain than second base. Two weeks in, however, it appears as if uncertainty has miraculously transformed into what might just be an over-stocked cupboard. One month ago, there were three names circulating around the Dodgers' second baseman job: Dee Gordon, Justin Turner and Alexander Guerrero. Gordon was the guy everyone was rooting for — ...

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Dodgers Nation Fantasy Corner: Waiver Wire Whip Around

If you've followed this column at all this season, I'd imagine your team is in decent shape at the moment. Our first edition suggested Dee Gordon (available in 78% of leagues at the time) and Joe Kelly (available in 79% of leagues at the time) among others. Gordon is now available in less than 25% of leagues (hitting over .400 and leading the league in steals), while Kelly has allowed just 1 ER in 11.1 inni ...

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Fantasy Corner: Hitting Waivers Early To Land Hidden Gems

As I talked about last week, there's nothing worse than dropping a guy and watching him blow up for a competitor's team. But here in the Fantasy Corner, we can't let fear cripple us. Face the fear, my friends! While there's always the fear of dropping an early slumper, the hope of adding a rising star can be the difference between a championship and a fifth-place finish. On my team, I spent my final four dr ...

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Fantasy Corner: Scanning The Waiver Wire Ahead Of Opening Day

I'd love to start this column off with a cliche like, "it's never too early to hit the waiver wire!", but the reality is, it just might be too early. While there's nothing better than grabbing a breakout star on waivers, there's also few things worse than giving up on a guy you drafted too quickly. Two seasons ago, a guy in my league dropped a starting pitcher who boasted a 4.45 ERA five starts into the sea ...

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Fantasy Prep: Looking At Possible Dodgers To Draft In Leagues

In the second installment of what will become a weekly fantasy column, we're going to take a look at which Dodger players might be worth your time as a fantasy manager. Throughout the season this column is going to focus on the entire league, but for now the focus is only on Chavez Ravine. So, as a determined fantasy manager not wanting to overvalue your favorite players, are there any Dodgers worth draftin ...

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Fantasy Prep: Making the Most of Your Fantasy Season

The time has finally come — the greatest of all fantasy sports seasons is here: fantasy baseball! While many have deemed fantasy football the best of all sports, it’s fantasy baseball that allows managers the most control of their team and the most control over random factors that make or break a fantasy season. To walk you through your season, I’ll be putting together a fantasy baseball column each week — ...

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Breaking Down The Dodgers Bad Contracts For 2014 & Beyond

Yesterday, as I was perusing the internet, I came across an article from Grantland titled "Baseball's Worst Contracts" with the subtitle of, "Look away, Angels, Dodgers, and Yankees fans. You won’t like what you see here." Naturally, as a Dodger fan I was both unsurprised and intrigued. As any Dodger fan could tell you, there are some large contracts throughout the roster — some of which are deserved (Kersh ...

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