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Have an Idea to Share? Want to Voice Your Opinion? Join DodgersNation.com Today!

DodgersNation.com is looking for a few writers to share their thoughts and opinions with Dodgers fans all over the World. Provide your knowledge and demonstrate your opinion as part of the staff at Dodgers Nation.

Tired of ESPN or Fox Sports and the monopolistic approach they take to tell us the fans what we should believe? Change that as part of Dodgers Nation, a site created by fans in 2005 for the fans.

At current moment, we are looking for writers to fill a weekly responsibility. The position is non-paid, but thoroughly educational. Experience is not necessary (but recommended) to apply. While all writers will be considered, only a select few will be selected.

Openings at the moment include:

  • Minor-League specialist

As evidenced by our Facebook page (located HERE) and our Twitter page (located HERE), Dodgers Nation is rapidly growing. You can join in the movement towards the top of the Dodgers blogosphere.

If you have any questions regarding the position openings or simply would like to contribute a single article, please e-mail jon@dodgersnation.com. Please note that your article will be under consideration to be posted on the website, but cannot be guaranteed a spot. It will undergo an editing process by the Dodgers Nation team.

Otherwise, if you are still interested in writing for Dodgers Nation, please do the following:

1. Send a .doc or .txt file by e-mail to jon@dodgersnation.com. This file should contain a position you are inquiring about or an article you would like to submit. Please specify your intentions clearly on the subject line.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Please include a photo (no bigger than 1 MB in size) along with your full-name, hometown, and a sentence (or two) describing why you are a huge Dodgers fan.

Are you the most knowledgeable Dodger fan amongst your friends? Can you name the pitcher Fernando Valenzuela replaced as Dodger starter for Opening Day 1981? Do you bleed Dodger Blue? If you answered ‘yes’ to all three questions, this position is for you. Apply today!

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