Chase Utley came to the Dodgers midseason and will probably be best remember for the slide heard round the world. The Dodgers would decline his team option this offseason, but remain interested in re-signing the veteran second-baseman.

They’re not alone, either.

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According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, who’s stayed on top of the Utley beat since the season ended, a couple other Southern California teams would like to sign Utley, who would prefer to stay in the area next season.

Here’s how Stark puts it, via Twitter:

Utley offers a veteran presence to a team somewhat needing it, and showed he can at least fill in at third base, along with his natural second base position. While he’s obviously a shadow of his former self, if signed at the right price, he can still bring decent value to the team.

Another notable tidbit here is his preference to play close to home as well, which has popped up as a trend with the last couple bits of news – first, with Darren O’Day and today, with Bob Geren. This isn’t by any means a new trend, just something that’s slightly more noticeable with the last couple stories.

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