Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout

Both of the MVP awards currently reside in the Los Angeles, with Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw winning the National League MVP and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim outfielder Mike Trout winning the American League MVP Award in 2014.

Today, both teams unveiled a joint billboard with Trout and Kershaw on it to celebrate those awards, as well as promote the preseason “Freeway Series” that will take place April 2-4. The first two games of the series will be at Angel Stadium with the finale at Dodger Stadium.

Beginning today, the Angels and Dodgers are inviting fans to celebrate the Los Angeles clubs sweeping the MVP awards via social media. Fans can show their support by utilizing the hashtags #MVPKersh and #MVPTrout during the six-week period leading up to the Freeway Series.

Kershaw and Trout became the first MVP winners from the same market since Oakland Athletics shortstop Miguel Tejada and San Francisco Giants outfielder Barry Bonds both won the award in 2002. Since the Angels’ inception in 1961, the Los Angeles teams have combined for eight MVP awards, the second-most by teams in the same metropolitan area (San Francisco/Oakland – 17).

The Angels and Dodgers also made a bit of history this offseason when they completed two trades after a 38-year hiatus of not swapping players in the Majors.

Below is an image of the billboard that is located on the corner of Highland and Wilshire in Los Angeles:


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  1. chris

    How do both reside in LA, Anaheim isn’t even in LA county. If it’s arbitrary like that then I’m the Oklahoma city Chris of Los Angeles.

    • Grubby

      One of the favorite T-Shirts I saw at Dodger Stadium last year was one saying “The Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles.”

    • denz

      LOL right! Its just the Angels trying to make a buck off of LA. Pathetic. They’ve been in OC ever since they came into the majors. They should own that. The Ducks don’t seem to mind.


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