Jorge, Jaime Jarrin
With Vin Scully leading the way, it’s hard to find others to surround the Hall of Fame broadcaster in the booth.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have put a very respectable team around Scully, with Rick Monday, Charley Steiner, Jaime Jarrin and others on the fellow broadcast teams. Former Dodgers also join Monday in the booths, as Nomar Garciaparra, Orel Hershiser and Fernando Valenzuela all serve as broadcasters.

While the names will remain the same, their jobs in 2015 will be a little different. The Dodgers announced their teams for television and radio for the upcoming year:

The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced their 2015 broadcast teams. Hall of Famer Vin Scully will return on SportsNet LA and Dodgers Radio AM570 KLAC while Charley Steiner joins Rick Monday on AM570 KLAC and works with Orel Hershiser and Nomar Garciaparra on SNLA games in which Scully does not appear. Kevin Kennedy will be the analyst and Monday the play-by-play man on AM570 KLAC when Steiner moves into the TV booth.

In a first for Spanish-language baseball broadcasts, Hall of Famer Jaime Jarrín will be joined by his son, Jorge, on Univision America 1020 (KTNQ). All games broadcast on SNLA in English will also be presented in Spanish with Pepe Yñiguez and Fernando Valenzuela. Manny Mota will contribute to both the Dodgers’ Spanish radio and TV broadcasts.

SNLA will have Scully calling games for the second consecutive season and its signature live daily studio show “Access SportsNet: Dodgers” will once again feature Garciaparra, John Hartung, Hershiser, Jerry Hairston Jr., Alanna Rizzo and Steiner. SNLA’s 2015 complete programming coverage for spring training and the regular season will be announced in the near future.

The Dodgers will head into the season with one of the best overall crews in baseball.

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  1. Tmax

    I waited a year. With the Feds involved in checking out the mergers of Direct, AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner etc does not look good for Dodger TV to be on any other channel. I work at home some days and need a fast internet connection so I have always had Time Warner Internet and paid $50 for 100mps a month. They offered me 300Mps Internet. 200 channel TV, plus I added the Sports package so I get Pac 12 all of the Fox sports regional broadcasts and they give you HBO, Showtime etc. I got the 6 channel DVR and a box for another TV for less than I was paying for Direct and my cable. And I get Dodger TV! I have been watching the Dodger stuff for 2 days they put on a great broadcast. Even Larry King does interviews. He interviewed Maury Wills and Oral great stuff.

    • Vail Beach

      You’re aware, however, that many of us cannot get TWC. TWC has 30 percent of the market. Even if I wanted to switch to them, I couldn’t.

      • Tmax

        Yes I am well aware I think it is a huge issue for the Dodger Ownership Team. I notice Magic said he would get right on it and then faded away. Vin Scully cannot get Dodger broadcasts, he said, to his house. A lot of Dodgers live in Manhattan Beach and that is not covered by Time Warner. I am thankful that I can but held off because I liked Direct TV. But I am in my 60’s. Who knows how many Dodger games I have to watch. How long is Vinny going to be alive? Had to get it while I could.

  2. Giantkiller000

    What good does this all star cast do me if Time Warner can’t come to some sort of agreement with other providers so that I can actually see the games!

    This season will be very disappointing if I’m not able to see the games.

    • Louise Harrell

      I agree!! I’m furious about not being able to watch on free
      local TV, as are many other loyal Dodger fans. Hard to believe the Dodger owners are so disrepectful of their fans.

  3. Vail Beach

    This is about a show that’s on some obscure channel that is holding the final years of Vin Scully hostage.

    I have a suggestion for where they can put this press release.

    • maureen

      I agree with you 100%. It’s disgraceful that we can’t watch the Dodgers. I love Vin Sully but I wish he would go on strike and. not broadcast until all fans can watch him and hear his wonderful voice. Also. Fans should stay away from the stadium in protest. Maybe then, the owners will do something

  4. michaelgreenlasvegas

    I live in Las Vegas, where we are unlikely to get the games even if the Dodgers get things going on TV in LA.

    But a thought for you, and I say this as someone who, if I were to pray, would pray to Vin. If I were a Spanish language listener, I might suggest that Vin Scully is the Jaime Jarrin of English language baseball broadcasters.

  5. John

    I just wish the broadcasters would stop doing ads between pitches. Scully, god bless him, doesn’t engage in this, but the others do and it’s a pain in the butt!

  6. Johnnybaseball

    I wish they’d dump Alana Rizzo… she is so dull, zero personality and robotic in her interviews…!

    Maybe Suzyn Waldron is available, Suzyn is a fantastic reporter and color commentator on Yankee broadcasts on WFAN in NYC…!
    Or at least have Rizzo listen to Suzyn….. I think she’ll learn something about the game, delivery of comments fans wanna hear…. and the importance of PERSONALITY…..!


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