When you look at the list of players had team options, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Los Angeles Dodgers declined every team option they had.

The team is looking to cut salary wherever possible, and veterans who might not do anything for the team is usually a great place to start when cutting costs.


ICYMI: Dodgers Extend Their Qualifying Offers


This, via Eric Stephen of TrueBlueLA.

Utley says he wants to play next year, but it’ll be interesting to see how large a paycut he’s willing to take to stay in the league. He does offer clubhouse leadership given how long he’s been in the league, but in this is new, more numbers-driven era of the MLB, that kind of thing has diminished in value.

Arroyo might also find a job at this level given his injury history and age, so, again, it’ll be interesting to see how diminished a role and salary he’ll take to keep playing.

I honestly don’t see a situation in which any of these three come back to the Dodgers next season.

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