One would think working for the guy you interviewed alongside for the same position he currently holds would be awkward for Bob Geren as he prepares to head Dave Roberts’ staff; but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Based on what Geren had to say to’s Ken Gurnick, the relationship is coming along quite smoothly between the two.

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“Now I understand why they picked him,” Geren said. “His enthusiasm is infectious. His personality is off the charts. He’s a great pick, just a great choice.”

The first thing that stands out about the statement is the level of maturity Geren must have to say that kind of thing. Yes, Roberts is technically now his boss, but that doesn’t mean he’d have to look up to him just because of the position.

We’ve all worked for someone we didn’t necessarily think deserved their job and know it as soon as you met that person. It’s good to see this is at least starting from a better place than that.

Might they hit bumps in the road as the two figure out how to work together? Probably, but starting from a point of respect is a great foundation upon which to build a working relationship.

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