One of, if not the question at the top of everyone’s minds this offseason is about the aces available via free agency. Two, in particular, are drawing interest from the Los Angeles Dodgers: Zack Greinke (for obvious reasons) and David Price (Greinke’s most comparable replacement).

ESPN ran a survey on 34 MLB executives to see which way they lean if they, as most any baseball franchise does, had to choose between the two.

Their votes came back closer than you would think.

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Greinke received 19 votes to Price’s 14. One executive literally could not pick between the two and called it a push.

The main difference most point to is Greinke’s being two years older than Price – which is totally understandable to point out. The two are not the same type of pitcher, either, as Greinke is more precise and Price is a power pitcher. Greinke is also right handed and Prices’ being a southpaw helps his case slightly.

Their style is important to point out as one might age a little more gracefully than the other. One executive in the survey compared Greinke to Greg Maddux, which is just about the highest praise a pitcher can get. When a power pitcher’s velocity goes, though, it’s hard to reinvent one’s pitching style on the fly.

Regardless of which the Dodgers end up with, so long as they get one, the fan base can sleep peacefully. Lose out on both and the front office, already under some fire might have a serous issue to deal with.

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