The Dodgers headed into Sunday’s afternoon bout with the Rockies less than 24 hours after sweeping their split-squad games Saturday night. Few things are as sure a thing to keep momentum going than a game with Clayton Kershaw on the mound.

Kershaw did his thing and the Dodgers stayed behind aggressive baserunning and timely hitting.

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Let’s see how things went, with highlights from the game’s biggest plays.

Kershaw appeared to want to work on his pickoff move Sunday, allowing a runner in the first inning. That move looks solid, though, nailing Blackmon at first.

The rest of Kershaw’s day went similarly well, as he went into the fourth inning having only thrown 48 pitches. That’s pretty impressive. Here are his five strikeouts on the day.

Kershaw was aided by some phenomenal defense today all around the diamond. Errors were a concern early in the spring, so it’s good to see the team recover as they have.

The rest of the day’s highlights feature great defense, and a fun brand of baseball we can’t wait to see take shape over this full season.

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  1. yarritsblake

    Good to see our team sharp so far this spring.  I wish there were less minor and major injuries, but you can’t really avoid them.  That’s why we signed so much depth.


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