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The news heard around Dodgers Nation yesterday was the news some fans have been waiting for, for a very long time. After 5 years, Don Mattingly and the Dodgers mutually agreed to part ways after terms of a contract extension could not be agreed upon. Quickly soon after, fans, media sites, blogs, radio and sports shows started throwing out names for the next Dodgers manager from Magic Johnson to Gabe Kapler. Let’s break it down the best candidate pieces we could find:

Fan Picks

A lot of these picks were from bleeding blue hearts, but overall, Dodger fans know their stuff and want to win now.

2015 Dodger Surprises & Disappointments

FanSided Picks

  1. Bruce Bochy
  2. Bo Porter
  3. Ron Roenicke
  4. Tim Bogar
  5. Bud Black

Full Story: FS: 5 replacements for Don Mattingly as Dodgers Manager

CBS Picks

  • Bud Black
  • Charlie Montoyo
  • Alex Cora
  • Gabe Kapler
  • Dave Martinez
  • Tim Wallach

Full Story: CBS: What’s Next for Dodgers? Analyzing Possible Manager Candidates

Sporting News Picks

  1. Bud Black
  2. Tim Wallach
  3. Dave Martinez
  4. Gabe Kapler
  5. Dusty Baker
  6. Ron Roenicke

Full Story: Sporting News: Six Candidates to replace Don Mattingly as Dodgers Manager

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7 Responses

  1. Scott

    As a 46 year Dodger fan my top choice for Dodger manager is Tim Wallach

  2. Randy

    “Quickly soon after?” What’s that mean? ROFL

    I like Tim Wallach

  3. Sam pascarella

    I would change the front office what happened when Price,Hummel’s Etc.. Were available and we got no one. Everyone keeps talking about the deep pockets The dodgers have why didn’t we pick up a couple of the front line pictures who was out for the taking. You cant blame that on Donnie. Let me say it again Keep Donnie and get rid of the top brass


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