We at Dodgers Nation take the community very seriously. It’s honestly an honor to present fans a platform to let their voice be heard as the Dodgers embark on another season-long journey they hope ends in a World Series.

As we put together long-form editorials and short-form news/rumors pieces, we do so in the hope to ignite constructive conversations among the fan base.

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Trust us, it’s just as frustrating for us to write rumor piece after rumor piece all the while knowing the vast majority of those rumors will not come to fruition. That said, hypotheticals can be fun to talk about, especially this time of year when there really isn’t much else going on.

When actual news is made, all the better. We can have those conversations about how players who were acquired impact everyone around them.

Editorials are inherently written to inspire thought. We aren’t in the business of trolling, but the worst reaction to a column is no reaction.

Long story short, we’re proud of the conversation brought about thus far. To show our appreciation as such, we’re happy to announce that we’re awarding gift cards to the top three commenters of January.

  • Michael Norris
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Tmaxster

To collect our token of appreciation, be sure to reach out to us right here on our contact page. Please let us know what email you use to comment, so we can confirm that it’s you.

For everyone else, we hope to see you on the comments section soon!

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First and foremost, I love everything Los Angeles. I was born and raised as such. There is video of me, hardly a year old, saying my version of "goooo Dodgers" as my parents cheered alongside me. I could not possibly be more proud to hold this position as we at DodgersNation look forward to enhancing the Dodgers fan experience in any way we possibly can.

7 Responses

  1. Michael Norris

    Wow…..never expected that…I am totally honored to be named one of the top commentators for January. I love my Dodgers, have been very passionate about the team for years…….and I enjoy a good argument!

  2. Tmaxster

    Wow same here. Very honored to be mentioned and I have learned a lot from reading and blogging with everyone on the site especially Michael Norris and Robert Hamilton. 
    Thank you 
    Love the Dodgers my first Dodger game was 1958 when my Dad took me to the Coliseum I still have the autographed ball I bought while I was there. It sits on my desk.  Go Blue..

  3. DodgersNationCom

    Michael Norris we never got your email for you to claim your prize. Make sure to email us via our contact page!

  4. DodgersNationCom

    Tmaxster  we never got your email for you to claim your prize, so make sure to hit up our contact page

  5. Michael Norris

    DodgersNationCom Tmaxster  He is on the road a lot…..


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