As if we haven’t been busy enough this “offseason”, the Los Angeles Dodgers have some fairly important questions to answer this afternoon. All qualifying offers must be extended by 2:00 PM Friday.

For the Dodgers, this means they have to make decisions on Brett Anderson, Howie Kendrick, Jimmy Rollins and, you guessed it, Zack Greinke. A qualifying offer extended means either the player accepts the deal or, if rejected, whichever team signs said player away must send a compensatory draft pick.


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Greinke will absolutely be extended an offer, and he’ll absolutely decline it.

Kendrick and Anderson could get one and Anderson seems more likely to accept his. Again, though, the important factor to take into account is the draft pick that would come back to the Dodgers from another team.

Rollins, in all likelihood, probably won’t receive a qualifying offer.

Andrew Friedman has been strident in one trend as team president: his valuing draft picks wherever he can get them. It’s because of this I could see the Dodgers extending qualifying offers to players previous administrations might not have.

Once offers are extended, players have one week to make a decision one way or the other.

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