Adrian Gonzalez quietly has enjoyed a very good offseason so far. He’s tried a new workout routine, spoke as a voice of reason for Yasiel Puig, successfully hosted a celebrity softball game and all that doesn’t seem quite enough as he heads into his fifth season in Los Angeles.

Gonzalez has immersed himself in the culture of Los Angeles in ways you’d hope a captain might and in several ways.

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News Years Day, he continued as a major voice as he prepared to get back to work for 2016.

Gonzalez rarely makes headlines and, as such, can often go forgotten with all the drama that surrounds the Dodgers. All he’s been since coming from Boston is the Dodgers’ best all-around player.

As Gonzalez gets up there in age (he’ll be 34 this season), it’s been cool to watch him try to find ways to hold off Father Time and make up for whatever slippage we might see physically with leadership qualities.

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  1. PhilFountain

    Adrian Gonzalez is a class act and I’m proud he wears the Dodger Blue.

  2. Robert Hamilton

    Agon seems so low key. All teams admire guys 
    Like him. I’m sure that he is couraging  to other  players. He’s been our rock. The best defensive first baseman since former Dodger Wed Parker.


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