Alex Wood has had a predominantly frustrating season in 2016. He has a losing record of 1-3 and an ERA of 4.58. But if you dive a little deeper and look at his home vs. away splits, you get a different idea of what kind of pitcher Wood can be.

When pitching at home this season, Wood has a microscopic ERA of 1.33. He has only given up one earned run in each of his three home starts, and the Dodgers have won two out of the three of those games, the bullpen blowing one of those decisions.  The home success isn’t a recent trend either, it extends all the way back to last season.

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While Dodger fans collectively hold their breath when Wood is scheduled to start on the road, it is nice to feel good about a back-end reliever being lights out at home.

Will the road wins come? We’re yet to see that. But one thing we know for sure: Alex Wood really, really likes playing at home.

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  1. West Coast Ram

    This would have been a real article if you would have explored possible reasons for the road woes, or pointed out what was the problem with the road starts (i.e., too many home runs, unable to finish an inning after two quick outs, BB %).  As is, this is simply a fun fact, not reporting.


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