We’ve reached a point due to other rotational injuries that we now freak out about others’ minor twinges. Case in point: Alex Wood.

When Wood missed his previous start due to forearm tightness, he, himself called the Dodgers overly pre-cautious. A good portion of fans, on the other hand, worried this was a sign of worse things to come. I really can’t blame them, as injury time has consistently outlasted initial prognoses throughout the spring.

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How much of that has to do with the injuries being worse than originally thought versus the Dodgers simply realizing there’s no point in pushing guys with just under three weeks still separating us from the season is impossible to tell.

In Wood’s case, this seems to be of the former category, based on Ken Gurnick of MLB.com’s assessment.

It goes without saying that without Hyun-Jin Ryu, Brandon McCarthy and Brett Anderson for the foreseeable future and with the organization reluctant to throw Jose De Leon and Julio Urias into the mix before they’re absolutely ready, guys like Wood are all the more important, as they’ll need to fill holes in the rotation slated for the aforementioned starters’ returns or debuts.

Now, we have to see how this development translates on the mound when Wood wednesday (when he’s scheduled to start again) and if this tightness is a lingering concern. Right now, all when can do is take this development for what it is: Wood taking a step in the right direction as the Dodgers look on with a watchful eye.

A watchful eye Wood might say is just a little too watchful. That just got deep.

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