If you were to ask any Los Angeles Dodgers fan who is the player they hated the most from the late 90’s to the mid 2000’s, chances are they would say “Barry Bonds.”

The slugging left fielder played for the Dodgers hated bay area rivals the San Francisco Giants from 1993-2007. Despite the animosity towards Bonds from most of the league, his skills at the plate cannot be denied (steroid rumors aside).

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So obviously, aspiring big leaguers couldn’t do much better in the hitting role model department than Bonds. A very familiar face for this Dodgers team recently went on Fox Sports Live and shared a funny run in he had with the current Miami Marlins hitting coach.

It seems as though Bonds has just lost a lifelong fan. Ironically, while Bonds may not have been the most personable player or now coach, Pederson is just the opposite despite his recent ascent into stardom. This is well documented as recently Pederson helped a younger fan ask his date to prom.

Watch Pederson’s full interview below:

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4 Responses

  1. MattBishop1

    Bonds can try all he wants to fool the sports writers into believing he is no longer the worlds biggest piece of crap. The bottom line is that he is a bad person, and regardless of how hard he tries to get people to believe otherwise so he can get into the HOF, his true nature comes through. No Hall for you, Barry.

  2. Sean Ryan

    Did Joc call him a prick? lol  Sure sounded like it… well done 31.

  3. ceehawker9

    Joc Pederson has more class in his pinky than Bonds will ever have. No matter what records Bond holds, he can’t erase the * that indicates ‘performance enhancing drugs”. Joc is the real deal, so Bonds can just move over and make room for this star.


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