Say what you will about whoever might actually wager on the next manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but there are plenty of people interested in this kind of thing. According to Bovada in Las Vegas, Gabe Kapler is the odds-on favorite to fill Don Mattingly’s recently-vacated position.

The odds listed are interesting, though, in reading the situation through the eyes of those who are paid to ensure even betting across the board. Meaning, while Kapler is obviously the guy most believe will replace Mattingly, the value simply isn’t there for those looking to turn a real profit here.

Don Mattingly Interviewing with Marlins

Here are the odds, via J.P. Hoonstra:

Based on the odds, Kapler and Dave Martinez are the considerable favorites, mostly because of their prior relationships with Andrew Friedman either currently or elsewhere in the league. Those wagering on Bud Black might be a little nervous as he reportedly got a second interview with the Washington Nationals.

Again, this doesn’t mean Kapler or Martinez are leading a two-man race for the job, only that Vegas is interested in garnering bets for others in said race.

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Martinez

    This assessment of Gabe Kapler leading the potential candidates to replace Mattingly sounds like politics to me. It’s how Mattingly replaced Joe Torre; Donnie was hand-picked to succeed Torre even though Mattingly hadn’t distinguished himself like Tim Wallach had. Here we go again!!

  2. RaleighDodger

    The Dodgers should hire the Best Qualified Manager. There is No Way Gabe Kaplan is the Best Qualified. The Dodgers should hire an experienced Manager; the shortfall of Don Mattingly ….. he looked lost too often. The Dodgers should not hire Friedman’s buddy, Gabe Kaplan but rather someone that is the best of the likes 0f Bud Black or Ron Roenicke!


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