As if the injury issues for the Los Angeles Dodgers already weren’t enough to worry about, it is now being reported that outfielder Carl Crawford is headed to the disabled list. Crawford was on the disabled list last season for 67 days due to an oblique strain. His time on the Dodgers has not gone well.

When he hasn’t been injured, the former four-time All-Star has hit .286 with a .327 on-base percentage and .413 slugging percentage. In the five games that he saw action in this season, Crawford was hitting .273 with one double, two runs batted in, and three strikeouts. Now he’s on the DL.

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From Ken Gurnick, beat reporter for MLB dot com:

So, Micah Johnson is getting called up in Crawford’s stead. Johnson has only played one career game in the minors in the outfield, and that came last night as a matter of fact. It looks like the team is at least possibly grooming Johnson to be a versatile player who can play in the outfield if needed.

Johnson was 3-for-9 with two runs scored and two stolen bases in his two Triple-A games this season. He hit .230 in 114 plate appearances with the Chicago White Sox in the 2015 season. With Crawford headed to the disabled list, it’s a relatively safe assumption that Johnson will see some time in left field.

The Dodgers like versatility, and Johnson at least supplies some of that. The fact that he’s a left-handed bat also helps the team due to being able to platoon with Scott Van Slyke. We’ll probably see Johnson play on Sunday as the Dodgers face off against right-hander Johnny Cueto. There’s no word on when Carl Crawford will return from his back issues.

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9 Responses

  1. pauldodgerfan1965

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!  that was sooner than I expected for Crawford.  But a lot of fans can say,’ See, I told you so’

  2. Bleed Blue Forever

    Wow! Who didn’t see that coming? I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

  3. EGbarefoot1

    This is news?  When in his career has he NOT been injured, anyone, anyone?  Can we just cut him now and eat the lost cash?

  4. Jagman63

    What a useless bum. He is the welfare player, collecting money for doing nothing, of the entire MLB.

  5. Robert Hamilton

    Who cares when Crawford returns. Why waste time when we can be developing the young talent. With Johnson and Noel maybe getting some playing time, we can develop that leadoff man with speed. Only in sports can a employee continue to miss work and still keep his job.

  6. pauldodgerfan1965

    Robert Hamilton
    I have been saying this for some time and fully agree.  It’s time for Freidman to cut ties with his boy of those TB days.  Dodgers spent close to $ 90 million on players to be elsewhere or home last year so it’s time to get rid of what to me is the last horrible contract on this team.

  7. pauldodgerfan1965

    Bleed Blue Forever
    LOL, absolutely correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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