There are many storylines a person gets tired of writing about – I don’t need to name them. However, Corey Seager’s return to baseball for the Dodgers will never be one of them. No – any opportunity to give mention of the road back for this young man is shining a light on something warm, and happy.

Moreover, on Friday at Camelback Ranch in Arizona; Seager did some baseball things. Indeed, this is a happy post for me to add to the scribes.

Seager also spoke with Alden Gonzalez at ESPN about leaving a difficult season in his wake.

Let’s take a look at Seager’s big day.

Corey Seager in action at Spring Training

Seager got in the box and took a few swings, documented by the Dodgers official twitter account.

Then, Seager played the field and took some ground balls. He displayed that up-the-middle range you can all picture vividly in your head. With attention to this – in just a little more than a month – Seager will be doing this in Chavez Ravine in a game that counts.

Finally, Seager finished up the day’s work by standing in the box and getting his eye on some spin rates and live pitching. When you’re as talented as Seager, not much needs to be done to re-train the hitting eye. With this in mind, it’s still great to know he’s on a field and getting ready for a long season ahead.

Seager Speaks About A Difficult Year Without Baseball

Corey Seager isn’t a player filled with a ton of words when asked for a quote. When he speaks about the experience of going through Tommy John Surgery in 2018, you can almost feel his helplessness.

The mere presence of Corey Seager doing something on a baseball field just feels like comfort and greatness.

“I didn’t ever want to know what was next, and I didn’t want to know when next was,” Seager said. “I tried to make every day like, ‘That’s what I needed to do today.’ I never wanted to look forward because I never wanted to get antsy.”

Seager sought advice from other players who had the surgery. He also shed 25 pounds by cutting milk from his diet and working out hard. Now again feeling himself, and ready to resume his legendary start to his career.

How good was Corey Seager in 2016 and 2017? For that two-year stretch, Seager batted .302 with a .370 on-base percentage. That was good enough for 12.9 fWAR, fifth-best in baseball during that span.

The Dodgers didn’t get a good player back in action today – they returned a transcendent talent. We can’t ask it enough: how excited does this make you?

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