Manager Dave Roberts just completed his first week as a full-time manager in Major League Baseball, and one might think that the Los Angeles Dodgers skipper might be second-guessing some of his moves through that eventful first week. Well, think again. According to Roberts, he doesn’t do that.

In a lot of ways, you have to love the fact that a manager won’t second-guess the decisions that he is making. That means he is confident, in the moment, that he’s making the right decision at the right time. Things might not work out for the best, but he always stands by his moves. It’s admirable.

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From Doug Padilla, staff writer for ESPN dot com:

“I think that when things work out, or they don’t, I like to poke holes in decisions I have made or didn’t make; I think that is good for growth,” he said. “But I definitely don’t try to second-guess myself. In the moment, there are reasons why I do what I do. Whether they work out or not, I think the process is followed through, we have to live with it. I know I have to live with it.”

You hear a lot of talk in sports about process. There’s a reason for that. Process is a very important thing, and it’s one of the things that leads to the desired set of results. In baseball, you can execute the process quite well only to see the result not match up to what the process was leading towards.

For instance, you can go to a left-handed reliever against a batter who doesn’t hit well against lefties but the batter can still get a hit. Doesn’t mean it was the wrong move because the batter got a hit. For Roberts, he doesn’t second-guess anything he does, and that’s the sign of a manager who has a pretty firm handle on things already.

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  1. Bleed Blue Forever

    Of course he’s got to say that. To admit such a thing would only exacerbate some of the questionable decisions he’s made. Those questionable decisions are evident to savvy baseball fans, so expect a few more of them as he works out the wrinkles. Hopefully he’s a quick Lerner.


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