Dodgers News: Diamondbacks Ask Dodgers Not To Celebrate On Field Reviewed by Momizat on . From the ridiculous request department: the Diamondbacks have asked the Dodgers to not celebrate on the field at Chase Field if they're to clinch the NL West to From the ridiculous request department: the Diamondbacks have asked the Dodgers to not celebrate on the field at Chase Field if they're to clinch the NL West to Rating:
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Dodgers News: Diamondbacks Ask Dodgers Not To Celebrate On Field

NewDodgersNation_Store300x300[2]From the ridiculous request department: the Diamondbacks have asked the Dodgers to not celebrate on the field at Chase Field if they’re to clinch the NL West tonight or tomorrow.

Like is the case when the Dodgers travel to any city in the NL West, there will be plenty of Dodger fans in attendance to hopefully share in their accomplishment. On the broadcast last night, Vin Scully discussed the decision and Tony Jackson of Dodgerscribe.com talked about the Diamondbacks decision:

It’s quite the request as Jackson mentions that divisional celebrations on the field usually only happen at home, something Dodger fans were disappointed in not getting to have happen at Dodger Stadium. While many expected to have Clayton Kershaw on the mound tonight, it’ll be Stephen Fife as the Dodgers are trying to give their ace some extra rest.

If the Dodgers win tonight, it’ll be their first division title since 2009 as they’ll have finally completed the turnaround from worst to first. With bad blood between the two teams and a divisional crown on the line tonight, it’ll be interesting to see if the Dodgers honor the Diamondbacks request, since there will be several Dodger fans in attendance.


In case you missed it, be sure to find out more about Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez getting back into the lineup last night.

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Ross is the Editor-In-Chief of Dodgers Nation and is a lifelong Dodger fan who can say he saw MannyWood at Dodger Stadium. Follow him on Twitter at @Ross_Gasmer12.

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  • Richard O’Bryan

    Unreasonable request. Being a good sportsman works both ways – it permits celebration without taunting by the victorious and dealing with defeat without being resentful. In other words, everyone just grow up.

  • Letty Lopez

    Diamondbacks really? what a pathetic request , bitterness clearly shows..lol

    • Jason

      You’re a whore.

      • Letty Lopez

        And JASON …You’re a bitch!

  • Lakerfan

    I’d personally like to hope the Dodgers have bigger aspirations than winning the division. A simple handshake after the game would symbolize business as usual. Am I the only one who thinks its ridiculous that baseball is the only sport that breaks out the champagne for winning the division, wild card, division series, championship series, AND world series?

    • Chris ProTronshakes-ThreeUp Th

      uh basketball and football celecrate playoff ladder wins…what are you talking about???

      • Lakerfan

        I’ve never seen the Lakers break out champagne for anything less than winning a world championship. If a team like the Bucks do it when they make the playoffs, good for them, the Lakers aren’t the Bucks. NFL teams don’t break out the champagne for every playoff win. Maybe winning the conference at a minimum, but I can bet the Patriots, Giants, Packers, and Steelers don’t…Super Bowl or bust…the Dodgers should hold themselves to the same standards as the other great sports franchises…

        • Marcus Pierce

          You’re not paying attention. Teams celebrate when they win the division. Period. End of story. If you want the Dodgers to play footsie with the Diamondbacks then you aren’t a very good fan.

    • Oscar Sepulveda

      They do, and any wins they can take after so many dry seasons will be fun to celebrate. You of all people should know that “Lakerfan”

  • Rafael Monge

    This has got to be bogus. I cannot imagine any team making this request. If so where are all the other articles from the media. This is something that si.com would jump all over. I do hope that the Doyers win tonight and get that monkey off of their back. I also want to see all the Doyer fans at Chase field celebrate.

    • Xavier Baltazar

      I’m with you. Quite a bit of news comes from this site that for some reason is not covered anywhere else. I’m always suspicious about what comes from this site.

  • Jim Prestwood

    Win big and party harty

  • Oscar Sepulveda

    As for D-backs asking Dodgers not to celebrate? Bogus. If this site is anything like lakernation.com they are just making stuff up to get some news going. Think of them as the Onion of the sports sites.

    • Jennifer C

      It is a true story Vin Scully announced it last night during the game, the Diamondbacks reason for it is to prevent chaos in the stands and parking lot. I am sorry REALLY??? Get over it, quit making excuses, when the real reason is you are bitter sore losers!

      • Oscar Sepulveda

        I’m a Dodger fan that lives in Phoenix. I will be going to tonight’s game. I will be celebrating in the stands. I will be Dodger blue. Settle down.

  • Chris w

    I dont think you should go over board celebrating a division win but the D-Bags are becoming better known for poor decisions like this than winning games.

  • Aladinsane

    Five words: Champagne. Showers. On. The. Mound.

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  • Scott

    To those of you thinking this is a “bogus” story, the Diamondbacks were the organization that did this a few months ago: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/diamondbacks-owner-forces-dodgers-fans-change-clothes-move-201010214–mlb.html Jealousy is a tough pill to swallow for these guys. Cheers.

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  • alantony7

    if you went from worst to first, celebrate your asses off, theyll have PLENTY of time to recover!

  • evan

    i’m an Angel fan…LET THE DODGERS CELEBRATE!!!! They deserve it! They’ve had an amazing year!! Its one thing for AZ to have the fans not wear dodger gear in the seats behind home plate (crossing the line there too) but asking a team NOT to celebrate being better then you??? WOW dbacks….one organization i’ll never give a penny to

  • Bruse Willis

    If I were the DBack i’d turn on the sprinklers just because … hahaha

  • Brandon Boughamer

    Calm down Diamondbacks and find some more fans… maybe pay them?

  • Armando M

    Ken Kendrick (Owner of the D-Bags) is a TOOL!!!

  • Ron Burgundy

    Dodgers win the West—and celebrate in Arizona. Sweet!

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