Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez has been a force in the middle of the lineup since he’s been back in early June, but he could be heading back on the disabled list.

Ramirez injured his right shoulder on Sunday against the Cubs after he flipped into the first row of the stands while making the play on a wind-blown fly ball. It was assumed that Hanley would get an MRI yesterday in St. Louis, but there was too much swelling at the time.

This morning Don Mattingly was on with Dan Patrick Show and talked about Hanley’s injury:

We think it’s good. We’re hoping the shoulder is something short-term even if it’s a DL or a couple weeks, we’d consider that short-term. We just hope it doesn’t turn into a month or month and a half where he’s trying to get his rhythm back and he doesn’t have the same timing.

It was reported yesterday that Hanley was feeling much better, but that a DL stint could be avoided. With their 15th straight road win yesterday, the Dodgers extended their NL West lead to six games and could afford to have Hanley on the DL for a short time.

The schedule calms down after the Rays series over the weekend as they’ll welcome the Mets, without David Wright and then head to Philadelphia and Miami.

If all goes well today, Hanley should receive an MRI and as Mattingly admitted over the weekend, he hasn’t always been so truthful with the media about injuries this season.


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