ESPN polled 31 experts for the upcoming season. Those experts picked who would win every division, the wild card, and the World Series. If you were wondering just how the Los Angeles Dodgers fared, then let’s just say it wasn’t as good as you might think it would have been. That’s for certain.

More of the experts picked the Arizona Diamondbacks to win the National League West than picked the Dodgers. Only four of the experts picked the Dodgers while seven picked the Diamondbacks. The other 20 picked the San Francisco Giants. So, by that notion, is Los Angeles underrated this season?

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Five of the 27 experts who didn’t pick Los Angeles to win the division actually picked them to be a Wild Card team. So that means only nine of the 31 experts had the team even anywhere in the playoffs, and that’s quite astounding when you really peel back the layers and look at it.

None of the experts had the team winning the National League pennant so naturally there were zero instances of Los Angeles being in the World Series. In a lot of ways, this might make the Boys In Blue pretty darn underrated going into the season. If no one on the outside believes in them, then it’s on themselves to shock the world.

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