The Dodgers successfully opened Spring Training with a bang, and — just as importantly — the lack thereof from their opponent, the Chicago White Sox.

Let’s go through the various highlights from Thursday’s game, all via MLB’s official video site.

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First, Clayton Kershaw provided the kind of security from off the mound as the Dodgers will need all season, especially as pitchers drop all around him.

This was great to see, but it wasn’t much of a surprise, when you consider how great Kershaw has been for basically his entire career.

Alex Guerrero, on the other hand, was much more of a question mark heading into Spring Training, especially considering that he’d be playing at a completely different position than he might’ve expected. The shift to third didn’t impact his bat, however.

Yasiel Puig obviously has a much higher ceiling than Guerrero, but it’s undeniable at this point that more is riding whether he can come close to finding the magic he brought with him two years ago. A single to get this spring’s scoring underway is a great way to get that started.

Just as important as the hit, itself, is the location of where the ball went. Puig forcing the ball to right is something I’ve always watched for as he works to find consistency at the plate. He has a natural inside-out swing that benefits from sending the ball to the opposite field.

Another of the Dodgers’ 6 runs came from a sac fly to left that former Dodger Jerry Sands made a great play on. Kike Hernandez thought he had an extra-base hit, but would have to settle for the RBI.

Thursday was a lot of fun and a great way to start the slate of games . Let’s just hope that momentum continues.

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