Rick Honeycutt has developed a great relationship with guys at the top of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ rotation so there was some concern with Don Mattingly heading to Miami he might take his pitching coach with him.

According to Fox Sports’ Jon Morosi, those worried no longer have to:

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For a team trying to convince an ace (that Zack Greinke guy) to stick around, keeping the pitching coach seems pretty vital.

Also, while the Dodgers figure out what’s going on with its next manager, maintaining some consistency within the organization is a good thing. Change for the sake of change can be as harmful as the unwillingness to alter course. Considering pitching (at least starting pitching) hasn’t been the issue, Honeycutt’s sticking around is a good thing.

The new manager might want his own guy there eventually, but for now, Honeycutt deserves to keep his job.

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  1. jerome h Weymouth

    No ex angels should be a Dodger Manager, only exception is Mike Socciua. Lmy vote is for Dusty Baker!


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