On Wednesday afternoon we heard that Julio Urias has been sidelined with shoulder discomfort.

Whenever a future pitching arm is sore, panic sets in. But rest easy Dodger fans, after an evaluation earlier today, Urias’ shoulder has no structural damage; just inflammation.

This is something that is very common amongst pitchers and shouldn’t be a problem long term. However that being said, the Dodgers are so emotionally and financially invested in the 20-year-old phenom, that it is likely that Urias will have a very long rest and very extended rehab before he is put back in full workouts.

The Dodgers certainly have no shortage of starting capable pitchers as they head to Cincinnati and hope to stay hot and get in front of the tough slugging Rockies.

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  1. ralph kirchner

    ill bet that urias has been injured going back to last year thats why dodgers were so reluctant in pushing him along, they were hoping his injury would go away


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