Clayton Kershaw is already widely considered the best pitcher on the planet for his talents on the field, but he, along with other major leaguers, is trying to make as big an impact as he can off it.

Friday afternoon, a baseball field was officially opened as part of a charity to bring baseball to underprivileged neighborhoods, and the MLB faces who’ve helped make it possible were there for the event.

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Stefan Stevenson was there and snapped a picture of some snazzy pants.

Baseball has become something of a “haves” sport, where families who can afford the equipment, travel and fees associated with being on teams are dominating the youth levels of the sport. 

The thinking with this park mirrors the ghostlike message in “Field of Dreams”, when a disembodied voice tells Kevin Costner: “If you build it, they will come.” 

One can only hope, as the game could desperately use some variety in the kids who grow up playing baseball. It’s just great to see major league players understand this and attach their time and face to a foundation that might make this happen. 

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