Jimmy Fallon is very well-known for clips from “The Tonight Show” going viral as he gets celebrities to step out of their comfort zone in ways you typically wouldn’t think possible.

His latest victims: Magic Johnson and Peyton Manning.

The game: Egg Russian Roulette.

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Basically, two competitors take turns grabbing eggs which might be filled with confetti (you’d hope) or are simply raw eggs (not ideal). The loser is the one sitting at the table with yoke streaming down their hair and face.

In this case, well.. You’ll see who wins.

Say what you will about Magic on Twitter (and plenty has been said in that respect), but that smile.

It was also great to see two athletes, who’ve competed at the absolute highest level of their respective sports seem — for lack of a better word — nervous. I can’t imagine either Manning or Johnson have dealt with butterflies like that in many instances, but there you have it.

Great stuff, Jimmy.

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