With only 25 games left in the season and a 12.5 game lead in the NL West, the Dodgers can start looking towards the postseason and aligning their rotation however they want.

Don Mattingly already started shuffling his rotation for the upcoming six-game road trip, with Hyun-Jin Ryu being pushed back to start Friday in Cincinnati while newly signed Edinson Volquez will start tomorrow against the Rockies.

This afternoon, major league baseball announced the entire postseason schedule, including dates and TV networks. Here’s the entire National League playoff schedule:

NL Wild Card Game-Best of One:

  • Wednesday, October 2 (TBS)

NLDS-Best-Of-Five Series (2-2-1 Format):

*If Necessary

  • Game 1: Thursday, October 3 (TBS)
  • Game 2: Friday, October 4 (TBS or MLB Network)
  • Game 3: Sunday, October 6 (TBS)
  • Game 4: Monday, October 7 (TBS or MLB Network)*
  • Game 5: Wednesday, October 9 (TBS)*

NLCS-Best-of-Seven Series (2-3-2 Format): 

*If Necessary

  • Game 1: Friday, October 11 (TBS)
  • Game 2: Saturday, October 12 (TBS)
  • Game 3: Monday, October 14 (TBS)
  • Game 4: Tuesday, October 15 (TBS)
  • Game 5: Wednesday, October 16 (TBS)*
  • Game 6: Friday, October 18 (TBS)*
  • Game 7: Saturday, October 19 (TBS)

World Series-Best-of-Seven Series (2-3-2 Format):

*If Necessary

  • Game 1: Wednesday, October 23 (FOX) at AL Stadium
  • Game 2: Thursday, October 24 (FOX) at AL Stadium
  • Game 3: Saturday, October 26 (FOX) at NL Stadium
  • Game 4: Sunday, October 27 (FOX) at NL Stadium
  • Game 5: Monday, October 28 (FOX) at NL Stadium*
  • Game 6: Wednesday, October 30 (FOX) at AL Stadium*
  • Game 7: Thursday, October 31 (FOX) at AL Stadium*

The schedule won’t change even if the Dodgers overtake the Braves for the best record in baseball, so it’s time to start marking your calendars for playoff games.


In case you missed it, be sure to find out more about Matt Kemp’s rehab.


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