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ICYMI: Dodgers Should Not Worry About Having A True Leadoff Hitter

According to Dave Roberts, Corey Seager might have taken a minor step back in the kind of progress we’d like to see.

This, via J.P. Hoornstra.

So, there’s that.

Look, it’s a really long season and the Dodgers have to hope Seager enjoy a really, really long career. The extra precaution makes sense.

Still, missing a couple weeks, an MRI and Opening Day already being in doubt isn’t exactly the kind of news we’d like to get, especially given the kind of season the Dodgers need from the kid they call “Roy”, acronymed for Rookie of The Year.

This is most definitely something to watch moving forward.

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  1. LucianoBeltran

    This sucks. It seems to me that the Dodgers are having more injuries then anyone. Not good news on Seager.


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