Looks like the Dodgers are bringing out the big guns do re-sign Zack Greinke.

And by big guns, I mean (insert exaggerated adjective for big here) wallets.

First, we got this update at Tuesday’s introductory press conference via Yahoo’s Tim Brown:

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Nut-crunching aside, it does feel interesting that ownership is getting involved here and also spells out why the Dodgers is such a highly-regarded job. Andrew Friedman is trying to save money, but it sounds like his owners are telling him he isn’t spending enough.

Think about that for a second. Think of your hobby of choice. For me, it’s golf — which can get very expensive, very quickly. I don’t even want to let myself think of the day my wife comes to me and says: “You know what, you really need to spend more money on golf and more time on the course.” Boy, wouldn’t that be the day.

ESPN’s Mark Saxon adds to Brown’s tweet here:

… earlier this week Dodgers co-owner Magic Johnson said that principal owner Mark Walters has gotten involved in the talks.

When owners enter the picture in these kinds of deals, anything can happen, but so far Walter has generally deferred to Friedman. Perhaps that dynamic shifted a bit when the team opted to hire Dave Roberts as its manager over the man viewed as Friedman’s favorite, Gabe Kapler? Could be.

That first sentence was in reference to Brown’s tweet, but that second half of the statement spelling out what it might mean when ownership starts getting involved should not be overlooked.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, this is by no means a rift somehow growing between the two parties: the front office and ownership. I’d say it’s much closer to everyone involved learning to work together. While it might feel like more time has passed that you would think because of how active the front office has been, the working relationship is still in its relatively early stages.

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5 Responses

  1. Michael Norris

    I wish there was a rift……I do not think Friedman has a large market mentality. He still thinks he is in Tampa on a limited budget. This fan base will revolt against him and ownership. If you do not think so, just look at what happened to McCourt when he penny pinched the team to death. Attendance fell off dramatically. This fan base wants a return to the glory days. They want a pennant and a world series. That takes PITCHING. And even with Greinke, it can still be argued the Mets have better pitching………so even with Zack, that starting staff needs a serious upgrade.

  2. tonyz60chevy

    Guggenheim didn’t do enough to sign him. they did make a giant step in cutting their payroll down. Isn’t that nice fellow Dodger’s fans ! They break attendance records ,and inked themselves to a giant TV contract,that most of L.A. can’t watch, and are spend thrifty when it comes to adding or resigning major talent that could take the Dodger’s to the next level.They may not be spending money to improve the team, ala Frank McCourt, but at least they’re lining their pockets well !

  3. Michael Norris

    tonyz60chevy  A. They did not break attendance records……..the Blue Jays drew over 4 million once…….B. They drew a line in the sand at 5 years……..I agree with that…paying a 38 year old 32 million dollars does not make a lot of sense unless his name is Nolan Ryan or Warren Spahn…..I would throw Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux in there too


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