Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Joc Pederson had one of the most roller coaster seasons someone can have, and he did it all in his first year in the bigs. He started out like a house of fire, dazzled people in the Home Run Derby, and then went into a massive slump that has left everyone still worried.

As the team, and Pederson, prepare for a new season, everyone is hopeful that the talented youngster can manage to overcome what ailed him in 2015, which was an all-or-nothing swing that led to a lot of nothing results with a few all results mixed in. Well, the team will need him if they are to be successful this year, so they need more all and less nothing.

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From Seth Gruen, a featured columnist on Bleacher Report:

What went awry might have been his unrelenting devotion to maintaining his power numbers, which caused him to strike out 170 times last season, the fifth-highest total in baseball. There has been a change in his mentality and his swing, according to JP Hoornstra of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (via the Los Angeles Daily News).

With the reported news that Pederson is going to be bringing a new swing with him to camp, the team is holding out whatever hope they have that he can put it all together and produce a lot better results over the duration of the season rather than watching his production decline as the season goes along.

The Dodgers struggled with offense late in the year last season, so the team will need him more than even some people have realized yet. He’s still young and still very good, so don’t give up on him yet. You definitely shouldn’t. The team will need him to shine in 2016, and he’s capable of doing just that.

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