It is no secret that manager Don Mattingly’s tenure with the Los Angeles Dodgers has been a tricky one. The protégé of Hall-of-Famer Joe Torre was eased into the transition of becoming the Dodgers next successful manager, but has since been thrust into the fire.

In terms of record, Mattingly’s success speaks for itself. The fifth-year manager has posted a winning record in each of his five seasons with the Dodgers, increasing the number of wins through each of his first four seasons.

Mattingly is also the first manager in Dodgers’ history to lead his team to three consecutive division titles, an impressive accomplishment to achieve with a team with as much history as the Dodgers.

Suffice to say, Mattingly has received a large share of criticism when the Dodgers have struggled. Such has been the case in the wake of the club’s elimination from postseason play. Thursday’s loss in Game 5 of the National League Division Series was the Dodgers’ second straight first-round playoff exit.

Amid early speculation over Mattingly’s job security, Yasmani Grandal came to the defense of his manager, via Bill Plunkett of the O.C. Register:

We lost the game. Why would you ever think to point the finger at the manager?” Grandal said. “Players play the game.”

Kiké Hernandez, who like Grandal was in his first season with the Dodgers, also said Mattingly shouldn’t be blamed for the team’s shortcomings:

We didn’t lose because of Donnie, like everybody says,” Hernandez said. “We lost because we couldn’t score runs. Donnie has nothing to do with this. There’s no reason Donnie has to be fired.”

Gonzalez echoed a similar sentiment as his teammates:

I believe in him,” Gonzalez said after Game 5. “Really, that’s it. I don’t know what else to say.”

Mattingly has earned the reputation as a player’s manager for his ability to establish good chemistry in clubhouse. That reputation over the years has shown, as his players have routinely been the first to defend the 54-year-old manager for all that he has done.

Although the franchise failed to meet their own high expectations, they’re in position to build on their 2015 accomplishments next season. Whether Mattingly is still at the helm however, remains to be seen.

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  1. CaptainHollywood

    yeah what are they supposed to say? if donnie has nothing to do with how the games turn out, why is it so important that we keep him? why don’t we find a 5 year old somewhere who wants to be a manager and let THEM learn on the job?

  2. Darren Schultz

    Take off the final “e” of protégée. That’s for a female. Should be protégé.

  3. Tmax

    I do not like Donnie’s line up cards for several of the games and did not like the Baez move for obvious reasons. I think he is , yes a players manager. I want the team to play scrappy. To give themselves up and move the player over not strikeout. SO the fact that this team would not move the runner over and give themselves up in the Post Season for that I fire him. And for terrible Bull Pen moves.

  4. dominic

    Donnie should have started grenkie game one. He shouldve started kike over Crawford.eithier shodnt have tries to hit a bomb then get frustrated at donnie becuase he as a player didnt do his job.i hate the giants but they play ball. No outs runner at secind bunt to move the runner. They play fundimental baseball and thats ehat the dodgers need to do play fundimentalbbaseball

  5. hudent

    Yall all Inept should be fired,U are getting paid a lot and yall professionals who understand your line of work,then why be a ballplayer if U can’t hit that damn ball and make a hit…I know if I screw up at work I get simple as that!!

  6. mike beman

    mattingly has to go. Slow to react. Out maneuvered by every manager. Lefty/righty match ups determone his thinking. takes hot players and cools them on the bench- ie Ethier. Overuses the BP and burns out arms. This article is bulldoody. What player when asked in an opinion is going to give a tru answer. Donnie begone.

  7. Buffetmr

    Not at all, he won’t hold them accountable and will let them alone. They fear a manager that will demand effort…

  8. Donald

    Dear Captain Hollywood. I have read some stupid things on this Dodgernation page, but none more stupid than your comment today. Support the Dodgers, and the staff they have, or root for another team. Just don’t be stupid!

  9. Giantkiller000

    Ok, so we decide to ditch Mattingly. Who do we replace him with?

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been calling for his head as well. But who is available that is an obvious upgrade?

    Roenicke? Maybe.
    Wallach? Doubtful.

    Not sure there are any great options.

  10. Hoss

    He has not been good, handling his bullpen…….and he has shown no improvement this year. His moves often, don’t make sense. That’s what drives Dodger fans crazy…..


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