The winter meetings are over and many are unhappy with the Dodgers’ lack of moves this far. Still, there’s still a lot of time before now and Spring Training and things can change in a hurry. Here’s the latest:


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  • The Dodgers may have to “settle” for Cueto. That’s not a bad alternative at all. [Dodgers Digest]
  • Eric Stephen reviews Yasiel Puig’s 2015 season. It was the worst season of his career. [True Blue LA]
  • The Dodgers claimed five players in the Triple-A Rule 5 Draft. [True Blue LA]
  • Bill Plaschke says the front office may ask for patience, but the fans won’t like that. [LA Times]
  • Nonetheless, the team is still trying to rebuild its advantage over NL West rivals. [LA Times]

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  • Zack Greinke hinted that a deal with the Dodgers was nearly done…. until the Diamondbacks swooped in. [ESPN]
  • Howard Cole says an Aroldis Chapman trade to the Dodgers is a “non-starter”. [Forbes]
Understanding the Dodgers’ Decision To Move On From Chapman

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2 Responses

  1. Rrenaldo

    Are you kidding me…. Who cares he is gone. Move on LA. If he wanted to stay in LA he would have signed the contract. He was good while he was here but has no feeling of love or loyalty…See Ya Greinke !!!!  Don’t let the door hit Ya where the good Lord split Ya..

  2. movonup

    Losing Greinke to a division rival is just another feather in Friedman’s and Zaidi’s unimpressive cap.
    So far I haven’t seen one thing worth a damn since these baffoons came to L.A. Complete disappointment in every move they’ve made. So far ownership and the Front Office have only proven that selling out games during the regular season is they’re only care. Winning in the post-season is not a priority and neither is The Blackout. PAFUCKINGTHEDIC!


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