It’s a busy Saturday in sports, but things surrounding the Dodgers are calm for the moment. But it won’t be like that forever. Read why one Dodgers starter could be traded and what the team’s next move should be in today’s Dodgers Credits.

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  • Don’t discount Brandon McCarthy because of his stat line, writes Mike Petriello. [Dodgers Digest]
  • Alex Campos argues why the team’s next move should be to improve its bullpen. [Dodgers Way]

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  • Yasiel Puig was the one that asked Maury Wills to work with him this spring. [Fox Sports]
  • Joel Reuter listed the winners and losers of the offseason, and one (former) Dodgers is on the list. [Bleacher Report]
Howie Kendrick Wants To Return, Isn’t Receiving Much Interest

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  1. Michael Norris

    They have plenty of starters so they have opted for quantity over quality right now…this we know..Kershaw is the ace, after that there are a mishmash of options and a ton of questions. Kazmir and Anderson on the basis of their big league records, had decent years. Wood in a learning process, and traded mid season had mixed results…..he also recorded a couple of dominant performances, so the talent is there. Maeda is an unknown. Based on his performance in the Japanese League, he probably projects more as a 3 than a 2. Ryu and McCarthy are coming off of injury’s. Ryu might be ready in spring, McCarthy, mid season at best. Now here come the real question marks. Sierra, recently signed out of Cuba…Urias, Deleon, Frias, Bolsinger, Cotton, Lee, and Beachy. Of those guys, Beachy has the most MLB experience, and the smallest risk. If he rediscovers his stuff, he could be huge. He is 2 years removed from TJ surgery, so there is a pretty good chance he will be much better than last year. For Lee, this is probably his last shot with the Dodgers. He has nothing left to prove at AAA. Bolsinger, while effect at times, is a 6 inning pitcher, and a junk baller. Frias is interesting because ha has wicked stuff….but also another guy with no stamina, 6 innings at best..Sierra was a starter in Cuba, but they are talking BP with him..he had a sub .500 winning pct. Urias, Deleon, Cotton, all highly regarded rookies. They will get shot in spring, and we will see how it all plays out


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