Today was a little busy in the world of the Los Angeles Dodgers. There was a trade rumor involving the team receiving a call about outfielder Yasiel Puig, the Dodgers attempting to pawn Andre Ethier off on a team, the Howie Kendrick contract signing became official, and much more. Read about that and more in today’s Dodgers Credits:

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  • It looks like Alex Guerrero has now moved further down the Dodgers’ depth chart. [True Blue LA]
  • Remember the Braves-Dodgers trade from last July? Well, who really won? [Dodgers Digest]
  • Howie Kendrick is not thrilled with the free agency system, and you should read why. [LA Times]

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  • Clayton Kershaw is on the verge of reaching a very important milestone this season. [ESPN]
  • Not only is Kershaw a great pitcher, but he’s a great fantasy baseball option. [Fox Sports]
Dodgers News: Howie Kendrick Contract Details Surface

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  1. MarkCarlson1

    Interesting phrase that “pawn off.” Considering that Ethier’s number in ’15 were perfectly in line with his career average numbers and that he was the most productive outfielder offensively for the Dodgers, it’s a cheap shot. Sure, he’s decidedly weaker against left-handed pitchers and paid around 5m a year too much, but considering the Dodgers questions and problems he’s pretty low on the list. The only reason his name surfaces is because he has some trade value with which the Dodgers would be foolish to part. He’s the one steady proven healthy presence in the outfield. If you want to use the phrase “pawn off” please use in it reference to Carl Crawford or Alex Guerrero.


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