It’s not every day that Dodger Stadium is able to welcome in a former Super Bowl champion and a platinum recording artist. That’s exactly what happened last night as Russell Wilson, Ciara, and baby Future walked around the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Wilson and Ciara have been dating for quite some time, and they’re a very interesting couple. They’re very much in love, and you can tell that based on how they interact with one another whether on social media or just out in public. So the couple decided to visit the stadium and took¬†Ciara’s son around for a walk.

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From the official Los Angeles Dodgers Twitter account (@Dodgers):

There’s Russell Wilson, Super Bowl winning quarterback, with Ciara’s son Future. They’re just casually strolling between first base and second base, and they both have on Dodgers caps. They’re in full sports mode and enjoying the field.

That wasn’t all, though:

There’s all three of them posing for pictures on the field as the lights from the rafters illuminate the playing surface. It’s a really cool experience that not everyone gets to enjoy, but seeing people enjoy it, no matter their celebrity appeal, is quite cool.

Wilson is coming off of a season where he threw for 4024 yards and 34 touchdowns while leading the Seahawks to the playoffs for a fourth consecutive season. He also penned an article today on The Players’ Tribune about visiting a cancer patient at a Seattle hospital.

Ciara has produced a triple-platinum album and another platinum album in her time as a musical artist. Her debut album, titled “Goodies”, sold 5 million copies worldwide. They could be considered somewhat of a power couple these days considering their sports and music overreach.

Visiting Dodger Stadium and walking on the actual field is a lot of people’s dream, and these three got to live it up yesterday in a truly awesome way. This is pretty cool.

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