You have to be kidding me.

Heading into Saturday’s split squad games, the thinking was the Dodgers might finally have some clarity on their rotation.


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Scott Kazmir was throwing fairly well through four innings. Sure, his velocity still wasn’t ideal, but hitters were getting out. Then, this.

Oh, and this:

Finally, this:

Now, there’s no sense in freaking out, but seeing how this spring has gone, it’s hard not to feel like the injury bug is just piling on the Dodgers at this point.

Ken Gurnick of tweeted shortly afterward that Kazmir said he was healthy, so there’s at least that to start with, but we’ll have to await further word from the Dodgers on the severity of this situation.

Stay tuned and, if possible, do whatever you can to reverse whatever weird voodoo has overtaken this Dodgers team since they arrived to Camelback Ranch.

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  1. Jagman63

    It’s the Fan Whammy on the team because of ownerships extreme greed in locking out 3/4 of the fans from being able to watch games on television. Stay greedy and more whacks will hit this team. Whammy!!!!!!!!!


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