Last week, in part one of a two-part interview series, Vin Scully sat down with Alanno Rizzo to talk about how this season transpired and looked just a little bit ahead to 2016 – which he says will be his last year.

Monday evening, in part two, Scully was his typical charming self and divulged just a little more specifically about what he looks forward to next season.

“I would like to see the development of a Joc Pederson and also a Corey Seager. I’m intrigued by Enrique Hernandez.”


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This, aside from whichever moves the Dodgers make or pass on, is obviously at the forefront of all the fans’ minds. If Pederson is able to take the next step in his growth this season from where he left off last year, at least one aspect of a turbulent outfield would resolve itself.

Seager’s time in the majors was similarly exciting, and, again, if that can continue, the Dodgers would have a solution at a crucial position for the foreseeable future.

Hernandez is a slightly different issue, as he’s more of a utility player, he isn’t nearly as crucial to what the Dodgers hope to do next season. Don’t get me wrong, the utility player is still a crucial role, but compared to potential everyday guys like Pederson and Seager, it’s simply a different discussion.

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