Today, Bleacher Report posted a list of the “Top MLB Prospects Who Could Force Way onto 25-Man Rosters in 2016 Spring Camp.” On that list were two members of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and one of them was a tad shocking until you delve deeper into why it isn’t.

First on the list was shortstop Corey Seager, and that totally makes sense since Seager is slated to be the Opening Day shortstop after he OPS’d .986 in 113 plate appearances to end the season. In all likelihood, it appears that Seager is going to win the National League Rookie of the Year Award.

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The interesting part came with the last name on the slideshow list, and that was right-hander Frankie Montas. While he’s certainly not the prospect that left-hander Julio Urias and right-hander Jose De Leon are, at least from a pure pitching standpoint, he has something that those two don’t – a devastating power fastball.

From the article:

So if a need arises for a hard-throwing bullpen arm, it would make sense for Montas to be the first selected of the three. De Leon and Urias project as starters right now.

This makes complete sense. With Montas’ ability to reach back and throw close to 102 MPH, the Dodgers might have use for a flamethrowing right-hander out of the bullpen to compliment the other pieces that they have. He’d certainly give them an added dimension.

When the Dodgers missed out on trading for star closer Aroldis Chapman, they missed the opportunity to add a power-thrower out of the pen, and they might be able to get that with Montas. It just won’t be from the left side, but that’s okay.

The Spring Training battle between some of the bullpen arms and Montas will be something to watch out for. If Montas makes the team out of camp, they might have their power reliever.

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  1. HannahKosh

    Dodger fans please help a graduate student and take this survey!

  2. Michael Norris

    Guy throws hard, but is wild…If he can gain control on that fastball, then yeah, he could make it.

  3. Tmaxster

    As Michael Norris says yes he throws heat but is wild. I have read his mechanics are bad and therefor not repeatable. Look Josh Ravin throws 98-100 and has been stuck in the Minors. Unless you can throw the ball where you want it and either have a fast ball with great or late movement or an out pitch that moves. See Janson or the master of it Rivera with the cutters Major League guys can hit a fast ball. You must have location and in most cases a secondary pitch. Or a nasty movement pitch, cutter, split finger, etc…


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