Sergio Romo was a Dodger at heart. He and his family grew up rooting for the team, and even after years in San Francisco, it appears Romo valued wearing the “LA” hat.

Romo took “significantly less” to join the organization.

That’s a coup for L.A., which didn’t want to commit a multi-year deal to any reliever. The Dodgers also had interest in Joe Blanton and Jerry Blevins, but Blevins made twice as much as Romo.

In the end, the Dodgers get a player with the possibility of rebounding at a cheap cost. Romo will enter spring training to favorite to pitch the eighth and bridge the gap to the re-signed Kenley Jansen.

L.A. has impressive pitching depth

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  1. DodgerRick

    Hopefully the Dodgers can go and sign Blanton as well he was solid until the series against the Cubs. People forget how money he was the whole season and lights out against the Nats. He made two mistakes in against the Cubs and they hammered him.

    • David Lyons

      It was rumored that they knew what was coming.. Madden finally picked off The Dodger signs… and was right..

  2. Mentally ill American

    I’m not hating on Romo like everyone else. I like that he’s from a dodger family and that he wants to be a dodger enough to take a discount

  3. oirog

    Beginning to love this guy Romo whom I hate while he was a Giant relief pitcher. Welcome to the Dodger family.


    Romo has been solid for years for the Giants. Hated facing him for that reason. He will be an excellent veteran addition to our pen. If Blanton’s market continues not to develop and we can grab him on another one year deal that would be superb. If that is the case we have a certain bullpen of: Jansen, Romo, Blanton, Dayton, and Baez. I’d be perfectly fine with that. We’d also have any of the SP’s that don’t grab the 5th spot, Liberatore, Fields, and others as options.

      • YARRitsBLAKE

        He’ll be in line for the second lefty in the pen I believe. Dayton showed ability to handle set-up duties. Liberatore was strong until he got injured. He’ll have to prove himself over Dayton this spring if he takes the primary LHP role in the pen.

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