The good news: The Dodgers made a trade for a pitcher!

The actual news: The Dodgers traded for a left-handed pitcher no one really knows about.

I won’t call it “bad” news as acquiring talent is never a bad thing; it’s just not the kind of move that will move the needle among fans.

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Here’s the announcement, via the Dodgers’ official Twitter account:

As of right now, the news is that the Dodgers continue to bring over young pitchers to (hopefully) make a larger deal in the near future. No, Tyler Olson will not shift the balance in the NL West, but Tyler Olson attached to a couple other prospects to grab quality starting pitcher might.

As we’ve said all offseason, the moves the Dodgers continue to make to have been with flexibility in mind. Olson is another step in that direction.

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2 Responses

  1. Jagman63

    Another ‘blockbuster’ from Friedman and Co. What a joke the front office is.

  2. Tmaxster

    OK Anthony throwing the BS Towel at you. These waiver wire and trades for the injured, crippled and insane does not help the Dodgers ability to trade. They just clog up the 40 man roster and make us all believe these guys are PLAYING at being Baseball Execs. Stop sucking up and report the truth. 
    Freidbrains and Zorro as my friend Michael Norris calls them are making us all crazy….


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