ESPN has had what many fans have been thinking. As much as we’d like to give the benefit of the doubt to the front office, those who do are put in a situation where the process goes as follows:

  • X or Y move is made or passed on.
  • Fans are outraged.
  • Front office supporters preach patience, but…
    • Said supporters are left to hope a move is actually coming, or point to the Dodgers’ current level of competitiveness.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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Right now, in the Aroldis-Chapman-to-the-Yankees situation, we’re still in the “fan outrage” stage and heading toward the patience explanation. ESPN’s latest from Dan Szymbrowski pretty much epitomizes this.

Here’s how he describes the Dodgers’ offseason on the whole.

Sorry Dodgers, while your team is still solid — likely the best roster in the NL West — that doesn’t mean you get a sterling grade for the winter term. It’s not for lack of trying; the Dodgers have been heavily in the running for most of the top free agents. But who ever heard of getting an A for attempted math? There’s some good news, though: The team’s science fair project “Can we sign Kenta Maeda?” is looking promising. Projected to have 3.5 WAR value, Maeda is the team’s last, best chance to leverage its impressive financial resources directly into wins.

Lumping the Dodgers into a group with the Reds is interesting, seeing as one has held a firesale of any and all professional talent they own and the other is still considered favorites for their division.

Now, it bears mentioning that the Dodgers were at the bottom of the list with the Reds at the top. Szymbrowski also mentions how the offseason isn’t over yet. Both caveats should be pointed out, so if another version of this was put together when pitchers and catchers report, the Dodgers won’t be on it.

We hope.

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