With Spring Training just a couple of weeks away from kicking off, there is little time to waste when it comes to ranking how teams stack up against divisional opposition. In the case of the Los Angeles Dodgers, they don’t have the best National League West infield, but they certainly come close to it.

When judging an infield and how talented they are, you have to factor in several things. It’s not just offensive production or defensive ability, but rather the perfect marriage between the two as they are a symbiotic organism that thrives best in optimal conditions. The Dodgers are close to that perfect pairing.

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From Houston Mitchell of the Los Angeles Times:

If we assign points based on where a player ranks at each position, giving seven points for first place, five for second, three for third, two for fourth and one for fifth, then the NL West infield stack up like this:

  1. San Francisco, 25 points
  2. Dodgers, 24 points
  3. Colorado, 16 points
  4. Arizona, 14 points
  5. San Diego, 11 points

To sum it up, he went through and ranked the infield position-by-position. For instance, Adrian Gonzalez was ranked as the second best first baseman behind Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt. Because of that, the Dodgers earned five points. Howie Kendrick was the top rated second baseman, so that was seven points.

Justin Turner and Corey Seager were each ranked second at their respective positions, as well. Catcher Yasmani Grandal came in fourth, and that was the deciding factor that gave the Giants the nod over the Dodgers as Buster Posey was the top ranked catcher.

All in all, there’s little disagreement that the Dodgers and Giants have the top two infields in the division. They’re both supremely talented and can do a lot of damage at the plate and in the field. With the division race likely coming down to a close race between those two, every ounce of production out of the infield could be the difference.

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