The list of those brought in for interviews by the Los Angeles Dodgers continues to lengthen by the day. It has been reported that Andrew Friedman and his team would bring in as many as 10 candidates for interviews during this process. The latest interview they reportedly conducted features a familiar face.

For much of this month, at least while the Dodgers were still active in the playoffs, you couldn’t watch TV for more than 15 minutes without seeing Kirk Gibson’s famous home run in the World Series against Dennis Eckersley and the Oakland Athletics. I’m not complaining at all, though, considering that’s one of the greatest moments in Dodgers history.


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Since then, Gibson has earned a couple jobs as manager – first with the Detroit Tigers, then with the baseball-bible-wielding Arizona Diamondbacks and that infamous pool the Dodgers jumped into.

Jim Bowden of ESPN first broke the news.

Gibson is probably considered something of a long shot at this point, considering aside from his time as a player he doesn’t have any real tie back to the franchise. Yes, he will always go down in folklore for that incredible home run, but it’s hard to connect him back to the franchise as anything other than a competitor over the last couple decades.

Gibson will always have a soft spot among Dodgers fans for that incredible home run, there just simply appear to be so many strong candidates the Dodgers have spoken to that history almost 30 years ago simply isn’t enough by itself to make Gibson a legitimate candidate as of right now.

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