The Dodgers have been known all season long as being the team who continues to win despite massive amounts of injuries. So far, the team’s immense depth has been able to keep them afloat with players like Rob Segedin, Julio Urias, and Ross Stripling helping the cause. Well, the Dodgers will have to reach into that bucket of depth yet again.

On Tuesday they announced that Scott Kazmir (Neck Inflamation) and Brett Anderson (Blister) have been placed on the disabled list. Kazmir is now the 27th different person who has landed on the disabled list this season, which ties the MLB record for most men on the disabled list in a single season.

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Apparently Scott Kazmir has been battling neck issues for years, but now it seems it has affected his pitching. In his last outing on the 22nd, Kazmir was pulled in the 2nd inning after giving up 4 runs thanks two several base hits and walks.

Ross Stripling is now scheduled for Thursday to replace Anderson, which is not a bad thing. In his last start, Stripling went 5 innings and gave up 2 runs while striking out 5. Anderson, on the other hand, has struggled ever since returning from the DL. This year he has a ridiculous 24.75 ERA, pitching only 4 innings total in 2 starts.

The Dodgers Probable Pitchers page is empty from Friday on, which is scary yet familiar. The team has been dealing with this all year long and have managed to thrive. Now, is this any way to succeed at the major league level? Not at all; however, the good news is that there is still over a month of baseball left to be played. Maybe it is finally the time for Jose De Leon to get a shot? Regardless, hopefully the Dodgers can come together in October as a healthy ball club that can dominate the postseason.

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