Zack Greinke is leaving Los Angeles for Arizona, but that doesn’t mean the sky is completely falling for the Dodgers.

There are still plenty of starting pitching options available on the open market — namely Johnny Cueto, Hisashi Iwakuma, Scott Kazmir, and Jeff Samardzija — and the team is reportedly already in contact with them.

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While these pitchers likely won’t replicate Greinke’s success, they are all high-quality options in their own right and the Dodgers will be able to afford at least one of them, and maybe two.

So while losing Greinke means losing a bonafide ace, getting two upper-tier starters to replace him would definitely not be a bad backup plan. Frankly, the improved rotation depth — assuming they are able to land two of those starters listed above — may end up being the better result for the Dodgers anyway. If they can only land one, well, then they can use the money on other areas of the team, like the bullpen or outfield.

Regardless, losing Greinke hurts — you can’t deny that — but don’t hit the panic button just yet.

Friedman Speaks About Greinke’s Departure


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5 Responses

  1. SamPascarella

    The front office STINKS How could they let Zack get away I almost want to quit being a fan; But a habit is hard to brake a fan since 1949

  2. seabee95

    Seriously?  He was 32 years old an $34MM was too much.  They can bring back Howie, sign Cueto and get Madson all for that price.  Cueto will do just fine.  2,62 ERA for Cincinnati last year.  Not bad.

  3. jhgaston

    kazmir are you serious. so. ca. fans remember him with the angels

  4. DodgerDog63030

    I feel one of the best options is Shelby Miller. Very respectable young man, keeps his head down, and gets the job done. Look at his stats going back to the Cardinals. He has the credentials to be a HUGE asset to our beloved ball club.


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