Monday, we heard a tentative timeline had been given on when we might get to see Julio Urias on the mound in live action. Today (Tuesday), we’ve been given an actual day, and I’m pretty much ready to hit fast-forward.

Julio Urias will pitch Friday against the Angels, per several reports.

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This, via Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A.

If you’re hoping to watch this game (as I’m sure you are), you’re in luck. This, via Bill Plunkett of the OC Register.

So, not only will we finally get glimpse of the somewhat momentous occasion, but the game will be televised on a station everyone gets. It’s a win-win! Well, maybe not for Time Warner, but hey, you take small victories whenever and wherever you can.

Now, while I did call Urias’ debut “somewhat momentous”, I can’t overstate how little this means in the grand scheme of things. The hope with Urias is that he’ll pitch for the foreseeable future, and two innings that will hardly be tracked statistically are hardly anything to try to make any long-term statements based off of. 

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