Vin ScullyThe Los Angeles Dodgers announced a Vin Scully 65th Anniversary Commemorative Item on their promotional calendar earlier in the off-season. Today, the Dodgers revealed that this item will appropriately be the Vin Scully 65th Anniversary Microphone.

This is not a mere figurine of a microphone. Not only will the small statue have Vin Scully’s name inscribed on its base, the microphone includes a voice chip where fans can press a button and hear Scully speak. They haven’t announced what exactly Scully will be saying, but it wouldn’t be a long shot to assume his famous introduction to telecasts, “It’s time for Dodger baseball”, will be the audio used.

This particular promotional item plans to be given away on Tuesday, July 29 against the Atlanta Braves. The giveaway certainly has more sentimental value than various other bobbleheads or beach towels planned to be given away throughout the season. The Dodgers can be assured that fans will plan their ticket purchases according to this special commemorative item.

Here’s a sketch of the giveaway via DodgerInsider:

Vin Scully Mic


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4 Responses

  1. Joyce Weight

    How can I purchase one of Vince Scullys microphones? We can’t get to the games
    my husband and I are in our 8o,s and have been and are Dodger fans from way back.
    Thanks will be looking forward to your answer. GO DODGERS.
    Joyce Weight

    • josh

      Best bet would be eBay the day after the game. All Scilly stuff tends to be very pricey though

  2. joyce weight

    waiting for reply how to order vince scully m65th anniversary microphone…cant’t get to the game to receive


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