A couple days ago, it was reported that Vin Scully Avenue was something that could be on the way. Today, it was learned that it will be official.

The street that was once called Elysian Park Avenue will now forever be known as Vin Scully Avenue, and it’s a really awesome thing.

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From our own official account, as we watched the council meeting stream this morning:

It’s now official, and it actually came by way of a unanimous vote according to the official Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) Twitter account:

In the end, whatever a street is called is just whatever a street is called, but it means so much more to know that fans entering Dodger Stadium will now be traveling on Vin Scully Avenue as they do so. There’s something homey about knowing that.

There’s something beautiful knowing that Vin Scully is welcoming you into the stadium whether you’re walking up to the front gate or just driving in on a street. Vin Scully is the Dodgers, to be quite frank about it.

Now that the motion has passed, Scully’s name will adorn the stadium site for many years to come. And it couldn’t have happened to a better person.

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  1. 2B15Lopes

    I think “Vin Scully Drive” has a better ring to it but oh well… Very cool!


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